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Vol. 21 Issue 2 July - December 2023
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Theme : medicine
Components of Aloe vera, Therapeutic Uses and Biological Effect in The Human: A Review
Hiba S. Jassim
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Estimation of Trace Elements (Zinc and Copper) in Serum of Multiple Sclerosis Patients in Baghdad City
Ammar A. Jabbar, Hassan H. Al-Saeed
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Molecular Pathways That Involved in The Regulation of Some Cancer Initiating Cells: A Review
Afraa M. Mamoori, Iqbal G. Farhood
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Comparison of Excess Weight Loss Outcomes Between Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy and Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass in Morbidly Obese Patients
Anees K. Nile, Abdulrahman I. Joudah, Ammar S. M. Al-Zubaidi
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Detection of Staphylococcus aureus Enterotoxins' Genes (Sea and Seg) in a Sample of Iraqi Patients with Psoriasis
Ali N. Umayra, Jabbar S. Hassan, Hasan N. Mohsen
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Familial Dysbetalipoproteinemia, Diagnosis and Management: A Short Review
Ghassan A.A. Al-Shamma
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Prevalence of Anti JC Polyomavirus IgG in A Sample of Iraqi Kidney Transplant Recipients and Healthy Blood Donors
Rajaa K. Hussein, Asmaa B. Al-Obaidi, Mustafa R. Hussein
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Evaluation of Human Bocavirus (HBoV) as A Cause of Acute Gastroenteritis in Children Under 5 Years: A Case-Control Study
Mohammad Y. Mohammad, Arwa M. Al-Shuwaikh, Haider T. H. Al-Hamdani
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Clinical Investigation of The Bacteriophage Cocktail Efficacy on Acne Vulgaris Caused by Multi-Drug Resistance Staphylococcus aureus
Haneen E. Hussain, Ahmed S. Abdulamir, Iqbal G. Farhood, Ahmed R. Abu Raghif, Mohammed R. Ali
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Central Nervous System Involvement in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Jumana M. Kareem, Ali F. Al-Hashimi, Hashim M. Al-Kadhimi
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The Impact of Severe COVID-19 Infection on Renal and Liver Markers (Urea, Creatinine, GOT, GPT) in Diabetic Patients
Marwah S. Yones, Estabraq A. Alwasiti, Abdul Hameed A. Al-Qaseer, Anees K. Nile
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Vitamin D in Health and Disease: A Literature Review
Hend A. Abass, Zahraa S. Omran
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Neurophysiological Changes in Post Stroke Spasticity Patients
Safa M. Fawzi, Farqad B. Hamdan , Gheyath A. Al-Gawwam, Israa F. Jaafar
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The Role of Hormonal and Genetic Factors in the Pathogenesis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Review
Rawaa G. Farhood , Athraa F. Alshimerry
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Estimation of Pre-Sarcopenia Among A Sample Aged 60 Years and Older From Baghdad\Iraq
Israa M. Al-Taglubee, Atheer J. Al-Saffar
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Transvaginal and Perineal Ultrasonography in Measurement of Resting Urethral Angles in A Cohort of Continent Iraqi Women
Rana M. Farhan, Tariq S. Fakher, Noor A. Hummadi, Wasan I. Al-Saadi
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