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Vol. 21 Issue 1 January - June 2023
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Theme : medicine
Therapeutic Role of Green Tea on Human Body Function, Some Diseases and Weight loss: A Review
Sawsan J. Al-Harbi, Fouad K. Gatea
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Barriers to Blood Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetic Patients with Poor Glycemic Control in Kirkuk City/Iraq
Zina A. Rashid, Aseel A. Naji, Zahraa H. Ismaeel
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The Association between Human Epididymal Protein 4 and Exposure to Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Samples of Al-Daura Refinery Workers-Baghdad
Ashwak W. Shaker, Estabraq A. Al-Wasiti
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Evaluation of the Level and Duration of SARS-Cov-2 Neutralizing Antibodies in COVID-19 Convalescent Healthcare Workers
Zeena S. Mousa, Ahmed S. Abdulamir
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Assessment of Vitamin A versus Vitamin E effect on Motility and DNA Integrity of Human Cryopreserved Sperms
Samir A. Al-Anbari , Mustafa M. Ibraheem, Thaer M. Farhan
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Evaluation the Levels of Melatonin, Glutathione Peroxidase and Superoxide Dismutase Enzymes in Prediabetic Individuals
Zeena A. Abd Ali
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