Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences


Thanks to the Reviewers of Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences

The growing success of Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences can be accredited to the work of many people. The Editors of Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences would like to thank the many peer reviewers who have spent freely their precious time reviewing the manuscripts for the Journal. Their useful comments improved the quality of the articles, increased the accuracy, readability and the overall scientific standard of the Journal.

We are very grateful to all of the Reviewers, with their significant support, the Journal continues to develop.

We greatly appreciate the contributions made by the following scientists, who worked as editors and referees for our journal.

Prof. Sabeha Mussa Ali Al-Bayati \ Medicine\ Al-Mustansiriya- University
Asst. Prof. Bassim Shehab Ahmed \ Pathology\ Al-Mustansiriya- University
Prof. Najlaa Fauzi Jamil \ Community\ Al-Mustansiriya- University
Prof. Mohammed Kamil Mohammed\ Surgery\ Al-Mustansiriya - University
Asst.Prof. Mustafa Mohammed\ Human Anatomy\ Al-Mustansiriya - University
Prof. Alaa Fadhil Alwan \ Clinical Hematology \ Al-Mustansiriya- University
Asst.Prof. Maen Al-Khalisi\ Anatomy\ Baghdad - University
Prof. Hedef dhafir Al- Yassin\ Chemistry\ Baghdad- University
Prof. Maha Sulaiman Younis\ Medicine\ Baghdad- University
Prof. Mohammed Marof Mohammed AL- Ani\ Microbiology \ Baghdad – University
Prof. Manal Adnan Habib\ Pathology\ Baghdad – University
Asst. Prof. Mohammed Wahib\ Medicine\ Baghdad – University
Asst.Prof. Haider Baker Mohammed AL- Shamma\ Gyhecology and Obstetries\ Baghdad - University
Asst.Prof. Ali Abdul-Majid Diab \ Medicine \ Baghdad – University
Asst.Prof. Abdul Ameer Jassim AL- Kafaji\ Surgery\The Iraqi Board For Medical Specializatious
Prof. Lamia Abdul- Karim\ Pediatric\ The Iraqi Board For Medical Specializatious
Dr. Nameer Talib\ Medicine\ Yarmouk Hospital
Asst.Prof. Haider Noori\ Medicine\ Al-Imamain Al-Kadhemain Medical City
Asst.Prof. Aso Sheikhbzeni\ Medicine\ Holler- University
Prof. Nadher Ahmed Matlub \ Medicine \ Al-Nahrain- University
Prof. May Fadhel Habib\ Human Anatomy (Histology)\ Al-Nahrain – University
Prof. Ban A. Abdul-Majeed\ Pathology\ Al-Nahrain - University
Prof. Hasan A. Al-Hamadani\ Medicine\ Al-Nahrain – University
Prof. Haider S. Kadhim\ Microbiology \ Al-Nahrain – University
Prof. Arif Sami Malik\ Medicine\ Al-Nahrain – University
Asst.Prof. Maysaloun Mohammed Abdulla\ Community \ Al-Nahrain – University
Prof. Ahmed Rahma \ Pharmacology\ Al-Nahrain - University
Asst.Prof. Asmaa B. Al-Obaidi \ Microbiology \ Al-Nahrain - University
Prof. Ahmad S. Abdul-Ameer \ Microbiology \ Al-Nahrain-University
Prof. Mahmoud Shaker\ Medicine \ Al-Nahrain University
Asst. Prof. Ban J. Qasim\ Pathology \ Al-Nahrain- University
Asst.Prof. Maysaa Abdul -Razaq \ Microbiology \ Al-Nahrain – University
Prof. Mohammed Oda Selman \ Anatomy \High Institute of Infertility Diagnosis and Assisted Reproductive Technologies/ Al-Nahrain – University
Asst. Prof. Hayder B Sahib\ Pharmacology\ Al-Nahrain - University