Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences

Vol. 18 Issue 1 January - March / 2020
Published on website | Date : 2020-10-15 00:31:51

Radiological Imaging Diagnosis of Adult Renal Cystic Diseases and Management

Saleh A. Akares, Ahmed A. Bahomil


Background: Renal cysts are a heterogonous group of cystic renal diseases that present in approximately 40% of the patients undergoing imaging.
Objective: To describe the role of the radiological imaging methods for the diagnosis of adult renal cystic diseases and their management.
Methods: A descriptive study carried out for 218 patients of renal cystic diseases in adults in two Private Hospitals in Aden Province during the period from February 2006 to December 2014, diagnosed by ultrasonography, contrasted urography and computerized tomography determined the age, gender, frequency, and complications and type of treatment.
Results: Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) presented in 96 patients (44%), simple renal cysts 90 (41%), medullary sponge kidney 25 (11%), localized cystic renal disease (LCRD) six (3%) and adult multilocular cystic nephroma one (1%). Ultrasound correctly interpreted 179 patients (82%), nonvisualized 25 (11%), and inconclusive 13 (7%) contrasted urography correctly interpreted 176 (76%), nonvisualized 13 (6%) and inconclusive 19 (9%) and computerized tomography (CT) scan 199 patients (91%), six (3%) and 13 (6%) respectively. Complications occurred in 65 patients (68%) of ADPKD, 23 (25%) of simple renal cysts, 15 (60%) of medullary sponge kidney (MSK) and three patients (50%) of LCRD. Conservative treatment performed in 171 (78%) and surgical intervention in 47 patients (22%).
Conclusion: The commonest renal cystic disease is adult dominant polycystic kidney. Ultrasound is inconclusive for renal cystic masses. CT scan is the effective imaging study for localized and multifocal renal cystic diseases, complications and associated pathology. The frequent complications occur in adult dominant polycystic kidney disease and medullary sponge kidney.
Keywords: Adults, renal cystic diseases, imaging, management
Citation: Akares SA, Bahomil AA. Radiological imaging diagnosis of adult renal cystic diseases and management. Iraqi JMS. 2020; 18(1): 12-20. doi: 10.22578/IJMS.18.1.3