Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences

Vol. 11 Issue 1 January - March / 2013
Published on website | Date : 2016-04-03 13:41:14


Hasan A Al-Hamadani, Atheer J Abdul-Ameer, Ahmed N Abed, Munther T Hamzah


Background: Corticosteroid and antiviral agents are widely used to treat the acute phase of Bell's palsy but their effectiveness is still uncertain.
Objective:This study aimed to compare the theraputic effect of Acyclovir and steroid versus steroid alone, in combanation with physiotherapy, in patients with Bell's palsy.
Methods:This interventional study was conducted in Al-Yarmok Teaching Hospital and Al-Kadhimiya Teaching Hospital, during the period from July 2007 to July 2008. It involved (58) patients, who were divided into two groups: Group A; 28 patients, treated by steroid for 10 days. Group B; 30 patients, treated by steroid and acyclovir for 10 days. Physiotherapy for one month for both groups was followed and reassessment according to House-Brackmann grading system was done after completion of each therapy.
Results:The recovery of patients treated with steroid and Acyclovir was (66.6%), while the patients treated with steroid alone was (46.4%), however, the diffrence was statistically insignificant. After one month physiotherapy the responses were (76.7% and 53.5%) for patients in both groups respectively.
Conclusion:The addition of Acyclovir therapy in Bell's palsy has not found to be benefitial.
Keywords:Bell's palsy, Corticosteroid, Antiviral agents, Physiotherapy.